Google+ Sign-in with Ruby on Rails

Google+ is improving every day, leading to more developers creating apps with support for the social network. Recently there seems to be a build-up of hype regarding the Google+ API. Google's documentation is not bad, but since authentication is performed on the client side, there isn't much support for how to integrate this into the back-end of an application. This tutorial shows the way I use Google+ to authenticate users in Ruby on Rails.

CSS Award Nominee!

I am proud to announce that a site I recently built with the Anchor Marketing & Design team in Fort Worth has been nominated for a CSS Award! The site was built for the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival and launched about a month ago. Hats off to the Anchor team for a job well done!

Go ahead and check out the site at and don’t forget to vote for us on the CSS Awards website!

**Note: This site has since been rebuilt to incorporate more content. Horizontal scrolling websites work really great for small sites, not so great for large sites. Regardless, looked great then, looks great now!

Is PHP Outdated?

Like many web developers, PHP was the first dynamic language I learned to code. Looking back, it makes perfect sense. Virtually every hosting service, including many free providers, are PHP-enabled. I was able to get a free web hosting account, log into the dashboard to setup a MySQL database, and learn PHP the old-fashioned way--trial and error. I was able to do everything I needed to with PHP. Why fix what isn't broken?