Intro to Genetic Algorithms - Implementing a Sort

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College Football Rankings - The Right Way

College football is way too subjective. How do we fix it? With raw stats and a bit of code.

Versioning Software

I recently have gotten into a few extensive (heated?) discussions regarding versioning software/applications. It really seems like a trivial task compared to actually coding the app--I mean, as long as the code works and you have a way to update code and rollback code if needed, who cares what your versioning standards are, right?

JRClicker - An iOS App to Judge Jump Rope Speed with Google Glass Integration

Well, it’s been a while. Those that follow me outside of this blog know that recently I became a Google Glass Explorer. I love the technology.

With my background as a competitive jump roper and current coach, my first thought for an app involved counting speed jumps and displaying the score on Glass that a jumper could wear. This would allow them to see their score in real-time while they jump.

After a few weeks of development, I have a beta version of an iOS app to do the speed counting, and a beta version of the Glass app that listens for score changes. Here’s a demo showing more:

Chrome Censored - A Humorous Approach to Web Browsing

Scenario: You are browsing the web, perhaps reading your favorite blog. After you finish the article you scroll down the page and begin reading the comments, only to discover that two (or more) users have found themselves in a heated keyboard war against each other. More than likely, one of those users is a devoted visitor to the site, and the other is simply a troll that enjoys getting into heated keyboard wars. Regardless, the profanity would make your grandmother cringe!

Shelby: You’re just mad because you’re a $&!@ !3&4#^
@ born_this_way993: #&$24! shelby go to %&7^ with ur !^#$ frends u %#^2&56&!

Good gosh! What ever can we do about this? Introducing, Chrome Censored–a Google Chrome extension that turns profanity into humor. Remember our little fight between Shelby and born_this_way993? Well imagine visiting that same page and viewing this instead:

Shelby: You’re just mad because you’re a dag nab kangaroo pouch
born_this_way993: jinkies shelby go to houston with ur typewriter frends u exfoliating hungry hungry hippo!

Oh, the joys of the interweb. This extension works best on static sites, as it simply performs a javascript replace method once the page is finished loading. I’ve found it doesn’t work well on Facebook since most of the content there is loaded via ajax as you move around the site. I’m also sure I missed some profanity words considering the vast amount of verbiage one could use to express their vulgarity on the web. Just writing the code made me sweat a bit.

You can grab a copy of Chrome Censored in the Chrome Web Store. Don’t forget to rate it and leave a comment!