Intro to Genetic Algorithms - Implementing a Sort

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php.suspected Hack

Are you finding *.php.suspected files on your web server? No, this is not an anti-virus software doing its job.

College Football Rankings - The Right Way

College football is way too subjective. How do we fix it? With raw stats and a bit of code.

Versioning Software

I recently have gotten into a few extensive (heated?) discussions regarding versioning software/applications. It really seems like a trivial task compared to actually coding the app--I mean, as long as the code works and you have a way to update code and rollback code if needed, who cares what your versioning standards are, right?

JRClicker - An iOS App to Judge Jump Rope Speed with Google Glass Integration

Well, it’s been a while. Those that follow me outside of this blog know that recently I became a Google Glass Explorer. I love the technology.

With my background as a competitive jump roper and current coach, my first thought for an app involved counting speed jumps and displaying the score on Glass that a jumper could wear. This would allow them to see their score in real-time while they jump.

After a few weeks of development, I have a beta version of an iOS app to do the speed counting, and a beta version of the Glass app that listens for score changes. Here’s a demo showing more: